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Architecture is process of designing & planning for any kind of building structure and their surroundings. Architecture is always changing as per the type of buildings, uses of buildings & their functions. That is Residential Architecture for Residential Buildings, Commercial Architecture for Commercial Building, Corporate Architecture for Corporate Buildings and Industrial Architecture for Industrial Buildings etc. Architecture is always changing according to village, city, state & country also. Time & Climate is also a big factor in changing of architecture time to time for any reason. Architecture has different category also i.e. Building Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Architecture and so on. Architecture is also a product of construction of buildings or other structures. For every human being, architecture plays a very important role in their life. Architecture has a very different theory also for different field of peoples. That’s Architecture is an art for an artist. Architecture is a discipline for any corporate. Architecture is a space for any planner and so on.

It is very difficult to say any one definition for architecture. We can the impact of availability of local material & other resources for that reason of architecture. Architecture generally works in the form of material of any building. Architect is that person, who provides the services related to architecture.