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Factory Design For M/s Pooja Forge Limited at Faridabad

The design concept for the forging company revolves around three key pillars: optimisation of workflow, enhancement of safety measures and integration of modern aesthetics.

the forging process involves multiple stages from raw material preparation to forging, heat treatment and finishing. the redesigned layout will feature a seamless flow of materials and components minimising downtime and reducing unnecessary movement. Strategic placement of machinery, workstations and storage areas will facilitate smooth transitions between production stages ensuring a continuous and efficient workflow. 

Safety is paramount in any industrial setting and the forging company is no exception. The redesign will prioritise the implementation of robust safety measures to protect workers and prevent accidents.

The industrial design concept tailored for the the forging company in faridabad is a testament to innovation, functionality and aesthetics. By optimising workflow, enhancing safety measures and integrating modern design elements.