Vastu Design Concept

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian system of architecture and design principles that aims to create harmony and balance in living spaces. While the application of Vastu Shastra is subjective and varies from person to person, here are some general guidelines that you can consider if you are interested in incorporating Vastu principles in your daughter’s bedroom design:

  1. Direction and Placement:
  • The ideal location for a bedroom is in the southwest or south direction of the house.
  • Place the bed in the southwest corner of the room with the headrest facing east or south for positive energy flow.
  • Avoid placing the bed directly under a beam or heavy objects.
  • Keep the room clutter-free and ensure a well-organized space.
  1. Color Palette:
  • Choose soothing and light colors for the bedroom walls, such as pastels or muted shades.
  • Avoid using dark or bold colors that can create a sense of heaviness or negativity.
  • Opt for colors that promote a calm and peaceful atmosphere.
  1. Lighting:
  • Allow natural light to enter the room during the day.
  • Use soft and warm lighting fixtures for a pleasant ambiance.
  • Avoid bright and harsh lighting that can create discomfort.
  1. Furniture Placement:
  • Position the furniture in a way that allows for easy movement and creates a balanced layout.
  • Avoid sharp corners of furniture pointing towards the bed, as they can create negative energy.
  • Keep the center of the room empty to promote positive energy flow.
  1. Mirrors:
  • Place mirrors in a way that they do not directly face the bed while sleeping.
  • Avoid placing mirrors in a way that they reflect the bed or any part of the body while sleeping.
  1. Electronics:
  • Keep electronic devices, such as televisions and computers, away from the bed.
  • Avoid placing them in a way that they emit direct energy towards the bed.
  1. Plants and Natural Elements:
  • Incorporate indoor plants in the room to enhance the positive energy and air quality.
  • Choose plants with rounded and soft leaves rather than spiky or thorny ones.
  • Avoid having dried or artificial flowers in the bedroom.
  1. Symbols and Decor:
  • Add positive symbols, such as images of nature, peaceful artwork, or inspirational quotes, to uplift the energy of the room.
  • Avoid displaying images or statues that depict violence, sorrow, or negative emotions.

Remember that Vastu Shastra is a matter of personal belief, and you can choose to incorporate as many or as few principles as you wish. It’s important to prioritize your daughter’s comfort, preferences, and functional needs while designing her bedroom.